Flexispot C7 ergonomic office chair review

Flexispot C7 ergonomic office chair review


I love a good ergonomic chair. I’ve been able to test dozens of chairs, yet I still enjoy it. There is something about unboxing new gear, getting to try it out, and customizing it to what I like that I cannot get enough of.

Flexispot C7: Unboxing and First Impressions

The Flexispot C7 fits this category beautifully with its impressive customization and highly comfortable sitting experience. Having hand-tested many of the best office chairs, I can say this is one I would happily pick up for an entire day of use. Further, I’d be ok with this being my only chair if I had only one. Ergonomic chairs, as a whole, are vital to a healthy working experience if that work is at a desk. If you spend long hours sitting at a desk or in front of a computer, finding a supportive chair that prevents back pain and doesn’t encourage slouching is crucial. This will make you more comfortable and help maintain your overall health.

I set up straight away after the delivery man dropped off my chair. The unboxing was simple; I could set everything up, even with two toddlers dancing around me. After only 10 minutes of build time, I had the chair fully assembled, and I was on to adjustments. I could have easily spent a solid 20 minutes fine-tuning every adjustment feature, but I was pretty happy after just 5 minutes of twisting and turning some adjustment levers and knobs.


Dimensions: 28 x 30 x 47-56in

Maximum Load: 300 lb

Colors: Black or grey + black

Warranty: Up to 10-year warranty

A few key features help make this chair stand out as a great ergonomic chair. First, the adjustable lumbar support for personalized back comfort is an obvious win. This self-adaptive back support moves with me even with the most minute movements to continue to support my lower back. Second, the breathable mesh back has allowed me not to overheat, as I have experienced in other non-mesh back chairs, nor bunch up and feel uncomfortable.

The mesh back has enough balance between support and give that I can sit without feeling like I need to adjust constantly. Next, I can move the 4D armrests to match my needs perfectly. I am 6’1″ with broad shoulders. With these 4D armrests, I can easily adjust each armrest to support my arm for my current task. Lastly, the reclining feature in this chair is excellent. I chose not to do the footrest of this chair, as I have it on my OdinLake Ergo Plus 743 and only occasionally use it for work. However, this chair’s 90 to 128-degree recline range is insane and is excellent for all working positions.

Flexispot C7

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Flexispot C7: Design and Build Quality

Flexispot has always impressed me with its build quality. I have reviewed several from the company’s range over the years, and every time I have picked up their newest item, I have been thrilled to see their craftsmanship and build quality continues to stay high. With the C7 Ergonomic Office Chair, I love how modern and straightforward this chair looks. I have never been a fan of the flashy gamer chair look, so a sleek and minimalist office chair is much appreciated. This chair could be in a home office, a board room, a professional cubicle, or an executive office.

As mentioned, the overall construction is excellent. I don’t hear any creaking when I move, I don’t feel anything catching or slipping when I adjust or recline, nor do I feel any concern that this chair won’t last me years of daily use. Flexispot’s chairs, much like their desks (like the Flexispot E7 Pro), are fantastic all around.

Flexispot C7

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Flexispot C7: In use

I have enjoyed using this chair over the last several weeks. In this line of work, I have become accustomed to high-end ergonomic chairs and fancy gear. The C7 from Flexispot does not disappoint when it comes to my expensive and high-functioning taste.

Flexispot C7

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

The Flexispot C7 is comfortable. I have been sitting in this chair for my entire working day for about eight workdays in a row now, and I have not noticed any pinch points or pain in my back. Usually, in lower-quality chairs, I need to adjust, stand up, or change chairs altogether due to lower back pain.

With the C7, I haven’t had to do that at all. Now that I have dialled into how I want it for my body, I have not had to adjust it. The lumbar support helps promote better posture for me. Looking at the design, I thought I’d be slouching to sit in the chair upright. However, the lower back portion helps support me, while the upper back area gives tension without pushing me where I don’t want to go. All of this, of course, can be adjusted for different weights, heights, and use cases. Compared to other mid-tier ergonomic chairs, I have yet to see a ton with this level of customization. You can adjust the chair’s many areas to make it a perfect, custom fit.

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DesignSimple, professional design⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Material qualityhigh quality materials⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AssemblyEasy, 10 minute assembly⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of useVery easy to use overall⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PracticalityRemarkably practical, fits most needs⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PriceOn the premium side, though not terrible⭐⭐⭐⭐

Flexispot C7: Final verdict

I really like this chair all around. It’s minimalist, can blend in without being overly flashy, can adjust to my back, fits my tall frame, is comfortable to sit in all day, and doesn’t cost as much as a car. This chair is an excellent solution for office managers looking for a quality ergonomic office chair for their employees; it’s great for home office use, for your office, cubicle work, and more.

After all, if you are going to spend your working hours, which is a large portion of your day, sitting in a chair to get your job done, which is your livelihood, it’s worth investing in a quality chair that will help support you throughout the day and not leave you exhausted, in pain, and wishing you had a better chair.

If I have learned anything in my professional career, choosing the right gear, only sometimes a bit more expensive, is always worth the return. This doesn’t mean I endorse spending the most money possible and buying the most expensive gear, but splurging a little, like on this C7 chair, will leave you thrilled that you did so.

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